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If you are a coach or consultant and you’ve tried all known strategies (to you) to grow your audience and attract clients on LinkedIn all to no avail,

this one is for you.

But before I go into details, you are probably here because you’ve heard about the wonders of LinkedIn.


You know LinkedIn is where the corporate dollars live.


It is where clients who are actively looking to pay for your expertise are.

LinkedIn is one of the quickest places to grow an engaging audience without paying for ads.


Maybe you’ve tried to come up with some posts,

But unfortunately, the results aren’t what you expect…

A few likes here and there, but it’s crickets afterwards.


I’m here to tell you that you aren’t the problem…

You probably are thinking that LinkedIn is similar to other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.




With LinkedIn, you must:​

Do you say you know all of these already?


  • Follow the algorithm

  • Serve more than sell

  • Build relationships


The Left Out LinkedIn 6-week Accelerator…

Where I share all I know about building your influence on LinkedIn as a service-based business and attracting only the right clients.

Week 1: Packaging an Offer that Sells

Map and position your offer

Week 2: Developing Your Profile Messaging

Develop profile messaging and optimize your profile

Week 3: Building Content & Engagement

  • Learn the LinkedIn algorithm

  • Master the art of storytelling

  • Define content strategy

  • Fill content calendar

  • Write content and engage

Week 4: Preparing Your Launch

  • Plan and develop your program launch

  • Write your profit plan

Week 5: Building Your Client Pipeline

Generate and nurture leads

Week 6: Designing Your Client Experience

  • Map client on- and off-boarding

  • Plan implementation strategy

But the issue is building influence and attracting clients who are happy to pay you for your service?


Then you will want to hear what I have in store…


But before then, let me introduce myself.

My name is Lakrisha - LinkedIn Business Strategist, Author and Speaker.


With a tested and proven system, I help ambitious service providers like you build influence and attract clients on LinkedIn.

For the past few years, LinkedIn has literally been my office.

And if you have seen my work on Forbes, Newsweek or Rolling Out Magazine, don’t be surprised – it is all because of LinkedIn.

  • I’ve been able to sustain myself and others as a full-time entrepreneur for over four years…

  • Produce multiple 6-figures in income…

  • Generate a million monthly impressions…

  • Get paid speaking engagements and partnerships with brands like Capital One, Facebook, and Coursera.


All of these because I was able to discover the SECRETS THAT MAKES LINKEDIN CLICK!


And if you let me, I’m willing to share these secrets with you.



If you do everything I tell you, there should be nothing to stop you from achieving your business goals.

You will be able to attract the kind of clients you want…

Live the kind of life you want and

Wave bad clients goodbye.

What You Get

6 Module Trainings

Learn proven LinkedIn success strategies

Weekly Coaching Calls

One-on-one weekly calls where you get your questions answered.

Private Community

A community of like-minds poised for both collective and individual growth.

Individualized Homework Review

Have your homework reviewed with proper feedback.

LOL Signature Workbook

Comprehensive game plan that gets you started right from the beginning of the training.

See what some of my clients, service-based businesses like yours, are saying:


I attended a business training with Lakrisha, and I can say that it is truly one of the best investments I have made in my business to date. Following our training I seen results IMMEDIATELY. Lakrisha gave excellent insight from a business operations standpoint. I thought my systems were the best and she quickly showed me where I could make improvements both in Dubsado and Click Up. To top it off I seen a 700% increase in profile views on LinkedIn within a week and a half of working with Lakrisha. I must admit that she is a true gem and is beyond good at what she does. I’ll be continually working with her as my business continues to scale.

Demisha Jennings, CPRW


  • You run a service-based business

  • You believe LinkedIn works

  • You are ready to execute


  • You don’t run a service-based business

  • You cannot provide results for people that hire you.

  • You are too lazy to execute proven strategies and techniques

I had the privilege to work with Lakrisha concerning my business and it was truly an experience I will never forget! She helped me to transform not only my business, but also my mindset as a CEO. I had a lot of confusion and Lakrisha gave me so much clarity. The problems that I thought were so big Lakrisha came in and diminished them. She came with no fluff but with proven strategies and tangible results! She taught me how to bring awareness to my brand on LinkedIn which increased my revenue. I left feeling so confident about my business! Lakrisha will be my go-to expert whenever I need help in my business!

Alicia Perkins