Lakrisha Davis


Career Catalyst

Mentorship Program

The career and life of your dreams is waiting for you.

It's time to claim it.


You're here because you're an ambitious woman who is ready to succeed on her own terms.


I'm here because I've got a map- your map. Together we'll chart a course from where you are to were you want to be.

6 Weeks. 6 Sessions.
Amazing Possibilities.

What we will cover:


Your Mentorship is a unique experience tailored to your career goals, but some of the areas we may focus on include:

Define who you really are and outline your personal definition of success. We will uncover your 'why' and lead you on a path to getting you the life and career you truly want.



Got major talent/skills and don't know where or how to market yourself to a new field? We will assess your skills, desires, and non-negotiables at this stage in your career, and create a roadmap that defines your new career path.


Learn how to develop a mindset of success. We'll help you: (1) tap into a level of confidence you've never known; (2) dream big and push the boundaries of your ideas to new levels; and (3) do something completely out of your comfort zone and learn to push yourself to new heights.


We'll outline an extensive career strategy and job searching plan to guide you through the  process of identifying and applying for. With your new action plan, you'll know exactly what to do and where to look.  

Master the skills you need to get the job. We'll cover interviewing, LinkedIn strategy, personal branding, professional development, professional networking, and more - so that you can succeed. 


You'll have continuing support in implementing your strategies. I'll mentor you through acclimating to the hiring environment so that you can find fulfillment and happiness in your new career.



6  coaching calls

We'll lay out all of the pieces of your career roadmap and create the inner and outer foundation you need to succeed.




Weekly email access

(2 emails per week) Get feedback on your work, ask questions, and be held accountable to deadlines. 

Custom Career Documents

I personally craft your resume', cover letters, and LinkedIn profile.



Shared project notes, resources and more.

You'll have access to a shared google drive folder with notes from our sessions, homework assignments, a spreadsheet to track your progress, and resources (apps, tools, books, and more).

You've been struggling and stalling.


Now it's time to act.


The career and life you've always wanted are calling you


Are you ready to answer the call?

Your Investment: $1,499.00 

or 3  payments of $499.67

Payment Plan:
3 Payments (every 2 weeks)

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