In life, we’ve all reached a point (or two) when we felt like regardless of what we do, things just never work out the way we plan.

Especially true for overachievers, these Type-A individuals tend to overlook their small wins because they can't seem to relax until they've accomplished their 'big picture' of success. Personally, I can recall saying by a certain age, I would marry, work in my dream career, have kids and buy a home. But when that age drew near and I realized that I hadn’t achieved all of this, I remember feeling so behind in life.

But, the problem with this kind of constant action and lack of clarity is that it misleads you into thinking you’re not very successful although there’s plenty evidence to suggest otherwise. Too busy constantly fighting fires, you probably never really get the chance to recognize your successes along the journey. In fact, you just may already be successful and don’t realize it.

Here are a few signs that might be the case:

You take care of yourself. Successful people try their best to look and feel good everyday. They care about personal hygiene and their everyday presentation because they want to make a good impression and feel confident.

Your income no longer controls you. Regardless of how much disposable income you have in your pockets, you no longer live paycheck to paycheck. You don’t stress much about having enough money to last you through the end of the month because you manage your finances well. You make sure your financial obligations are handled before buying something you really don’t need. And, instead of just ‘winging it’ through the year, you plan out your finances to some degree rather than buying everything you want in sight without first considering whether it’s a priority or not. Also credit isn’t just another way for you to charge up the things you can’t really afford; it’s important to you and you try to maintain it.

You’ve figured out what you want out of life. You’ve set goals about where you want to go in life. You may already know where you want to go professionally, how you want your life to be, whether you want to create a family, buy or rent, etc. Regardless, you've created some kind of life plan or goals.

You don’t have any real drama with anybody. You don’t have many unresolved issues with people because you tend to handle your affairs head-on like a BOSS. You're the kind of person who says what you mean and mean what you say, leaving no need to ever end on any confusing or bad terms. You can tell the difference between those who truly deserve your time as opposed to who to love at a distance, and you’re simply at peace with that. By now, you’ve learned enough to know just the kind of people who aren’t your “cup of tea,” so, respectfully, you don’t spend time entertaining meaningless interactions.

You handle your domestic business. Whether you’re looking to better furnish your home, or trying to eat out less and cook more at home because it’s less expensive and healthier - you waste less money on things that don’t matter and invest more into things that serve your health and happiness.

You have your own interests. You could be single and have found peace in your singleness, or in a committed relationship. Still, you’ve found things that interest you outside of your work or spouse, and you don’t rely on people or things to resolve your personal issues.

You mind your own. Consider yourself successful if you’ve realized that one of the most peaceful ways to go through life simply is to do what makes you happy, and without judgment allow others the liberty to do whatever makes them happy. In knowing we can only control our own lives, it’s just vain to judge people or things we don’t really even understand. Being successful-minded, you can accept others, not force your beliefs on them and never take their actions personally.

You don’t blame others for your failures. Successful people understand that they can only control their own destiny and no one else can. So, you accept responsibility for not just your successes, but your failures too. You take ownership over your life and don't target other people (passively or actively) for your letdowns.

You’ve learned how to say no, unapologetically. If can say ‘no’ then you have already evaded the need to please everyone. This is definitely the sign of a successful individual.

You’re able to see things positively. You’ve learnt the hard way that being negative or skeptical to justify your potential defeats don’t serve any purpose. By being positive and honest at pursuing your goals, you’ll unleash the true achiever within you.

If you can relate, you may sometimes let the drawbacks of ‘the process’ distract you--making you feel as though you have a long way to go to establish success. But, the issue with this system of thinking is the more critical you are on yourself, it becomes deceptively easy for you to undermine the achievements you’ve made so far.

So, every now and again, take a moment and celebrate yourself...because you Deserve IT.

Let's be real: life gets hard sometimes, so I'd be lying to say I've never experienced fear or doubt. But, what's important is that we maintain our gratitude, keep our heads up and continue striving for the best - YES!

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