Interestingly, the paradigm has shifted from the era when people felt thankful simply for having a job - to job seekers now wanting to call the shots when it comes to their careers. So, thinking you'll have to settle, take a pay cut or spend all of your energy looking for a job are not good reasons for not getting going on pursuing a dream career.

You are very valuable in today’s job market—maybe even more than you think. As much as you’re searching for the perfect job, companies are, too, looking for the best fit people to match up with their positions.

Why else do companies compete to secure spots on accolades such as The 100 Best Places to Work? The simplest answer is they recognize that the most important resource to its business operations is this their people, so they compete to attract and retain the best talent in their industries in order to gain competitive advantage. Not only concerned about who makes the best skills match, businesses also hope to find the perfect fit for their corporate culture, for example, or a candidate who is less likely to drive turnover.

Consequently, in addition to offering competitive salaries, companies know that other incentives might influence your job decisions, so they continuously reinvent ways to increase job satisfaction among their employees.

In today’s market, job seekers should also be interviewing companies to make sure they're a good move for their future.

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