Yes, my friend. It is fear that’s the term of art for the people stuck in their jobs but just can’t seem to leave. Fear of failure, the unknown, and sometimes even success.

I know there’s a plethora of reasons for why you could hate your job:

  1. Management sucks.

  2. You’re too creative to work for somebody.

  3. Your coworkers annoy you.

  4. They’re don’t understand your worth.

  5. You paid too much for your degree for this salary.

  6. It’s boring as heck.

  7. You’re not a morning person.

And the list just goes on… We’ve all been there.

But, what’s interesting is all of these things share something in common: none of them have anything to do with where you work. Why? Because it’s you who’s in control of your life and not some job.

We all need something to blame, right? But I challenge you to see the real culprit: You. I know that staying in that job you despise is only draining your creativity as it’s spiraling into your personal life. So why not just do something about it already? Especially given the rising labor market, something definitely could be done to increase your opportunity.

We control our happiness through the decisions we make on a daily basis. So for whatever reason you chose to allow a job control your happiness and stop you from getting the life you really want, you’ve made the choice to lead an unhappy life.

The good news is you can still have the life that you want; it’s never too late for that. Instead of expecting for your job to bring you some kind of personal fulfillment, why not just find that on your own?

Some people look forward to the day when they can work in their dream jobs, but oftentimes these individuals don’t even know what they expect of a dream career. Ask yourself what that means to you. What is your vision of success?

“Have the passion to start a business?” It’s not too late. “They don’t see your worth?” Find somewhere that’ll treat you better – it’s out there. “Your job is boring?” Create your own opportunities.

The bottom line is you don’t ever have to feel stuck anywhere. There’s a whole world of things ahead of you, right at your fingertips. You just have to face your fears head-on. Clarity does come with action, so it's fine time to put in that work!

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