Beyoncé is arguably among the most beautiful and talented women in the world of entertainment. But, what's undeniable is the woman's huge success.

There are so many talented females, and males alike, with special talent in this competitive industry.

So, what was Beyonce's secret? How was she able to steal the entire market?

It was definitely mind over matter.

The Secret's to Beyonce's Success:

#1: Despite having natural talent, Beyoncé went beyond her core skill (singing and dancing), worked hard to perfect her craft, and diversified her skillset. Not many entertainers can 'work it out' in high heels on the stage for as long as can, or sing as many songs in foreign languages. Remember, she told People magazine that she wanted to be 'iconic' and not a 'pop star.'

#2: Beyonce' didn't allow adversity to get the best of her. Remaining a 'Survivor' after the group Destiny's Child fell completely apart - and also going through familial and relationship challenges many of us never knew about - she encompasses the true essence of...resilience. Instead of 'throwing in the towel' after encountering so many life challenges, Beyonce' stayed to course and never let failure get the best of her.

#3: She's the epitome of "unbothered." Being such a big star comes with so much negative scrutiny. But, it's interesting because you never hear Beyoncé respond to it. She doesn't speak her mind about these things on social media - or take the approach to always defend. She simply brushes it off as "being dat b****" for causing so much conservation. And keeps it pushin'!

#4: Everyone wants 'in' on how this woman is able to maintain her privacy for so long. We only know what Beyonce wants us to. Period. How could that be - being in a huge spotlight?! I certainly can't confirm (you know, because I don't know her personally).

#5: She's an innovator. Beyonce is a pioneer for EPIC engagements. Like Grammy performances meant to break racial barriers. Creating visual albums. Dropping albums with zero marketing. It's clear what Beyonce's stance is: Be the leader, not the follower.

Imagine the number of artists with the same potential as Beyonce who's struggling. You could still have all the tools, but you must also think like a successful person to establish great success.

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