Instead of asking 'Why me,' think 'Try me!'

Every job seeker wants to know - what's the secret sauce to getting the job?

Well, I'm here to tell you that, unfortunately, there is none.

In fact, every job seeker is experiencing issues in different areas in the search to finding their dream career. While some job seekers have trouble getting any traction on their resume, others have gone on tons of interviews, but haven't received one single offer.

However, there are a few common problems that keep some job seekers in the struggle:


5 Reasons You May Be Struggling in Your Job Search:

  1. There are issues with your resume. It isn't discoverable, doesn't tell a story or isn't tailored to the target job description.

  2. You're not being optimistic. Doubting your power will only give power to your doubt. You have to be confident in your abilities and try not to get wrapped in a negative thinking.

  3. You rant on LinkedIn. This only signals that you're not very desirable by other employers, you lack job confidence or aren't coachable. Focus on increasing your network, skill sets and marketability. (You can have 17K connections, but if not a single soul can help you advance your search, this doesn't matter.)

  4. You don't have the right strategy, or have none at all.

  5. You don't seek help.


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