Stop Letting Procrastination Run Your Life

It's just two days before the deadline, and you’re feeling stressed and lacking confidence.

Partly because the pressure is on now... but also because you swore that next time you will never put yourself through this suffering again. But you did it. You procrastinated.

If you’re anything like much of the human race, you've probably been guilty of procrastinating a time or 2… or 3… or 4…

It’s no secret. We’ve all been there - whether over things we really don’t care to do, or bigger projects that require more time and commitment.

If you’re all too familiar with procrastination, you’ve probably made all sorts of excuses for why you procrastinate. Particularly, “I work better under pressure” is my favorite!

The perplexing thing about procrastination is, although it seems to involve avoiding unpleasant tasks, indulging in it doesn't usually make people happy in the end.

While I can't guarantee that you'll never procrastinate ever again, I can help you create better habits.

Stop Letting Procrastination Run Your Life:

1. Set daily instead of weekly goals:

You KNOW the outcome would’ve been even better had you gotten an earlier start. It was even all that bad!!!

Two weeks turned into one... and now it’s just less than 72 hours away.

Instead of thinking on terms of deadlines, start setting daily goals for your projects. This allows you to break the task down to smaller pieces, and potentially fuel your creativity through the process.

It could even be just the outline - or jotted ideas. But in any event, just get the hardest part out of the way: Start!

2. The things you dread – do them first!

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” – Abraham Lincoln

Even if you absolutely love what you do, you will probably never love *everything* about your job. However, letting time go by will not relieve you from such tasks.

You'll feel rewarded after conquering the task I'm sure, which will hopefully get you in the flow of ‘knocking things' out.

Tasks that take less than 5 or 10 minutes to complete, do them right away instead letting your task list fill up with small (mundane) items.

3. Face your fears.

What separates the tasks we tend to procrastinate over from the things we jump right on? Outside of displeasure, there's also FEAR.

“Perfection is the paralysis of progress.” - Unknown

Face your fears; and accept the challenge. It's easy to get stuck when you fear the outcome or doubt your abilities. Somehow because you don't have the full vision mapped in your head, you feel you are likely to fail.

But, you may surprise yourself - and also hone some new skills.

Overall, aim for done - not perfect.

4. Under promise, over deliver

Now, it normally wouldn't take me 30 days to write a business plan (shhh!).

But, I may quote this timeline *justttt* in case anything comes up.

At the worst, I'll deliver earlier than the deadline :-)


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