3 Steps to Launching a Consulting Business Next Week!

With all the entrepreneurs flashing their lifestyles on social media—traveling the world, waking up midday, doing less for more, etc.—I’m sure that the thought of becoming an entrepreneur has crossed your mind.

But the truth is, full-time entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone.

However, more employees need to wake up and realize their value is not bestowed on them by employers. You must build value in yourself!

Everyone over the age of 18 should start consulting on the side. There is no better way to understand your value or grow your confidence!

And it's easy to begin, too. All you need is a social security number to start.

You may think that you need a certain number of years of experience to begin consulting, but that simply isn’t true!

3 Steps to Launching a Consulting Business Next Week:

1. Decide what you want to do: You don’t need to be perfect to inspire others. In fact, it’s very possible you may already be helping people. Some things to consider...

  • Is there anything that you’re so passionate or knowledgeable about that you can go on and on about it for hours?

  • What do people tell you you’re good at? It could be good advice – creativity – you name it.

  • Do you have a story to tell? Let people get inspired by how you’ve dealt with your imperfection.

  • What skills have you gained from your current employer that you can turn into a business (without becoming a direct competitor)?

  • What are some problems out there that can you solve?

2. Build your brand: Though you can build a business overnight, you still need to create a brand. Try using this checklist:

Your Mission Statement: Fill in the blank…

I help/teach/inspire _______ how to ________ so they can _____.”

Mission accomplished!

Brand Identity:

  • Logo

  • Business cards

  • Social media pages (FB, IG, LinkedIn, etc.)

(Easy as 1-2-3!)

3. Marketing:

Craft 4-5 social media posts to showcase your talent and let the world know what you’re doing. (Video is highly recommended.)

4. Get Clients!

"Ask how I may be of service, and success will show up on its own." – Unknown

Build a list of 10 people who could benefit from your services (or may know someone) and invite them for a conversation. This could be friends, family, past colleagues, etc…

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