Self-Confidence: 3 Ways to Fake it Till You Make it

Most people assume when they see me speaking, facilitating, networking, and even publishing videos on social media, that I’m always feeling confident and fearless.

Confidence means that you believe in yourself and the things you put out in the universe. However, there are moments in which although I'm a confident person, uncontrollably, I get nervous.

You know the feeling... You're able to show up as the best version of yourself most of the time. But, when it really counts, like during interviews, speaking engagements, networking, etc., for some reason you cannot seem to get your nerves in check.

I want to share 3 tips on how to build up your confidence in moments when you really need to show up and show out, but still feel nervous. I call it ‘faking it until you make it.’

Self-Confidence: 3 Ways to Fake it Till You Make it

Look good

Nothing breeds confidence like looking good. (When you look good, you feel good.) There's a level of confidence that shows up when you're presenting the best version of yourself, physically. You also leave a good impression on your audience.

Speak slowly

Most confident people speak slowly because they're confident that what they're saying is important. Those who aren't so confident speak at a faster pace because in their minds, what they're saying isn't so moving.

Pace yourself, and speak slowly so that you can connect better, exude self-confidence, and think your thoughts through.

Don’t care if they ‘like’ you

Confidence isn't hoping they'll like you. It is thinking that regardless of whether they like you or not you'll still be OK. Have confidence in yourself and what you're delivering. If you aren't confident in yourself, how can others feel confidence towards you?

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