3 Tips to Have a Life Outside of Work

“One day, I’m going to start a business.” “I want to learn the piano – I’ll add that to my bucket list!” “I can’t wait until I get the time to look for a new job…”

But I don’t have time.

Many of us have a laundry list of goals that we want to accomplish, but can never find the time to work towards. As busy professionals, we sometimes undermine the importance of making time for things that we love (outside of our careers). The last thing you want is to end up on your death bed – wishing you would’ve done life differently and didn’t immerse yourself so much into your work.

Though all our days look different, individually, we each have the same 24 hours in a day. However, we must stop waiting for the perfect timing to enjoy life - to check something off our bucket lists – or to do something different with our lives – and take that time for ourselves.

3 Tips to Have a Life Outside of Work

1. Put your mind to it!

Once you can see the value in putting yourself before your work, having a life outside of work will become easier. At the end of the day, if Oprah (for example) can run a whole empire and still seemingly enjoy life, lose weight, and take vacations, you’ve got time outside of your 9 to 5. But the question is, how bad do you want it? Stop setting goals, and start making plans. Once you put your mind to it, it’s as easy as it sounds to just do it.

2. Set your intent.

One of the reasons why people can never seem to allot time for things outside of work is because they haven’t thought of much of a plan beyond the desire. How does this goal or activity fit into your life? For instance, if you want to start a business, do you envision yourself going into business full-time? Or a side hobby/income? How quickly do you need to change jobs? By setting your intention, you set the structure for how you need to work and prioritize in your plan.

3. Determine your schedule or timeline.

When I gathered the courage to leave my comfortable (yet unfulfilling) job situation, my intent was to take some time off work to refresh before starting a new position. So, I positioned myself to be able to leave my job without having another. I had planned the exact date I would put my notice in, and in the meantime saved up enough cash to pay my bills up for at least 4 months so I could job hunt without stressing out bills.

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