Start Expanding Your Brand on LinkedIn IMMEDIATELY!

LinkedIn saves lives (just kidding).

No, but seriously, there are over 200 million professionals on the site. So whether you're a job seeker or business owner, your presence on LinkedIn could pay real dividends.

To be successful on LinkedIn, you need to build a killer profile to stand out from the crowd. People should read your profile and fall *instantly* in love with your brand. However, building upon your engagement will step things up a notch for you.

Read my top 7 rules to increased engagement on LinkedIn to learn how to get the maximum visibility from this site🙃

Rule #1:

Of graphic/visual posts, the text-post graphics with quotes & sayings seem to impress the LinkedIn users the least. However, people do love to get a feel of the ‘real person.' So, if you're going to use graphics, be sure that it includes a picture of your shining face on it. You can save the quote graphics for Instagram and publish quotes as normal on LinkedIn.

Rule #2:

LinkedIn algorithms rank posts containing web links very low. So, to increase your post’s engagement, refer to your article or product in the post, but paste your link in the comments section only

Rule #3:

Let me tell you, people *love* a good story! If you want to increase your engagement, spend time crafting at least 1-2 long-form, story-like posts per week.

Rule #4

Be sure to use a call-to-action at the end of your posts to increase your brand’s identity and engagement. You could ask your audience to share their feedback or insights about the post - or input your tagline or signature.

Rule #5

Join the conversation! Want to be heard? I guarantee that if you add your 2 cents on other threads/articles/posts, and that if your 2 cents are GOOD, people will want to learn about who you are. By adding value on other discussion threads, you can network and build your credibility at the same time.

Pro Tip: The bigger the audience of the original author of the post, the more exposure you get 😉

Rule #6

Engage your own posts! 😂 If you like and/or respond to every comment on your posts, you can expand your reach!

Rule #7

“One minute they love you, the next they hate you.” 😐 - Everyone says this.

In the world of social media, nobody’s safe. You could literally attract a whole tribe and then lose it at the drop of a hat. At the end of the day, people have short attention spans. They need to see you over and over to remember you (situational). So, if you want to become a memorable content provider on LinkedIn, plan to delivery consistently!

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