It has happened to the best of us.

Great people have been laid off, fired, or encountered some circumstance that necessitated a break from the work world.

With this, usually comes guilt, shame, embarrassment, and a host of other conflicting emotions. ("I'm OK - everything happens for a reason!" to "What did I do that was so wrong?")

You feel as though you have a big, fat label across your forehead that says, "FIRED" or "I'M UNEMPLOYED." You feel exposed and like an imposter.

But once these feelings settle, you've got to get back on the saddle. Not only do you have to navigate applicant tracking systems, a 'hidden' job market, and

etc., you also have to explain what happened with your last job. But...

you don’t have to accept being labeled as “damaged goods” because you have an employment gap.

Here are 4 methods transitioning professionals can eliminate this hiring bias:

1. Demonstrate how you’ve been using your time during your work absence (i.e. networking, continued education, volunteering, etc.).


2. Create your own “in-between” job!

Got skills?! Put them to use.

There are small businesses and customers who can benefit from your value! This looks great on your resume, too.


3. Be honest! If you act like you're ashamed, they’ll think that you have something to be ashamed about.

We’ve all been here before, voluntarily or involuntarily.

Address the circumstances that led to your career break head-on in your cover letter, or during the interview. It is NOT the job for you if they can’t emphasize with your story.


4. Took a break to work as a stay at home mom, you say? Well, there’s no harm in reflecting your experiences in your resume!

Position: CEO

Company: The Davis Household

• Insert your transferable skills (i.e. multitasking, schedule coordination, performance management.)

Don’t be afraid to connect your caretaker or mommy/daddy duties to real-world experiences!


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