Creating a Sanity Plan For Your Job Search

Creating a Sanity Plan for Your Job Search

If you are unemployed and have been on the job search for a while, this is for you. You are frustrated, angry, maybe depressed and tired of answering questions about how the search is going from family and friends.

In your depression, searching for the next vacancy becomes almost too high a hurdle. If this is your present position, this is to tell you that there is light at the end of the tunnel. No one can accurately describe how you feel, but rest assured that you are not alone.

Your dream job will come your way, and you will get it. You will move up in your career, and places you thought were once impossible for you will become your stepping stone. How can I be so sure? I know you won’t give up.

While this piece intends to encourage you, it also aims to ensure you keep your sanity while on your job search. Because it is only when you are sane and in high spirits that you can do all you want to do to the best of your abilities – and this includes the job search.

So, what do you do to care for yourself during the job search?

Create a daily schedule and follow it.

Since you are out of work, you may quickly fail to keep a routine, but that isn’t a good thing to do. It helps if you take your job search as a job. So, when you wake up in the morning, brush your teeth, change your clothes, and then set out to read your emails and other things that make up your search process.

Set the alarm if possible, and make sure to follow this schedule. This gives you a sense of purpose, and you will also have time to socialize and do other things aside from job searching.

Be open to help.

If you found yourself resisting help either from friends or family, it is a sign of an unhealthy mental state, and you don’t want to go down that path. People like to feel helpful, and there is a high chance your close friends and family want to help you.

So, let them know how they can help. You can show them your resume and cover letter before sending them to recruiters. It is perfectly fine to be selective in the help you allow, but don’t resist all assistance.

Mingle with positive people.

If you are interested in living well and eventually being in the right mental position to do the job when it finally arrives, then you have got to watch who you hang out with. The people you mingle with have a direct impact on how you feel about yourself.

It is not a bad thing to review the attitude of those you spend time with. If they do not have positive views toward life and encourage you to be a better person, then you should look for a new group. You already have something to worry about in your job search. Don’t let some group of people add to your problems.

Exercise, exercise, and exercise!

We all know the physical importance of regular exercise, but do you know that there are mental benefits too? When you exercise, not only are you best fit to do all the things you intend to do during the day, but you also have the right mental state to approach your tasks.

Exercises reduce the stress hormone cortisol and produce endorphins, which makes you feel good naturally. This puts you in good shape and affords you the energy to effectively deal with challenging situations.

Take a break and get outside.

With our incredible advances in technology, it means you can stay glued to your computer for hours sending resumes and cover letters and researching companies with vacancies. As fantastic as that sounds, it is not the best for your mental health.

Take some time off the screen, go for a run or walk, visit friends; you can also hop off the grid and get in touch with nature – whatever works for you. The point is to get a life outside your job-hunting process.

Celebrate your victories – even the smallest ones.

When you are job hunting, you have a single goal – get hired. As important as that is, other aspects of your life need care, and when you have a victory in those, be sure to celebrate them.

If you withhold all praises for yourself until you land a job, you can become easily demotivated and lose out on other vital things in your life. When you have a productive day or complete a challenging lesson in a personal growth course, celebrate yourself. This will boost your spirit and give you a brighter outlook on life.

Explore new hobbies.

Yes, you are jobless and really want to spend all your time researching job vacancies, but it isn’t the best thing to do – at least for your mental health. Remember, we discussed that you should take a break once in a while and follow a timetable. Well, that means you have a lot of time to do other things. So, try out new hobbies – you won’t have the time when you get a job.

Go hiking, get on a road trip, visit a cultural center, or do any other thing that sounds like fun. Live life and be happy.

You are without a job today, but it won’t stay that way forever. Soon, without giving up, you will land your dream job, and many of your current worries will vaporize. But before then, you must ensure you are in the right state of mind. Make job searching your job, create a schedule around it, and don’t forget to live your life throughout the process.

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