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The VIP Experience

for Ambitious Entrepreneurs

The career and life of your dreams is waiting for you.

It's time to claim it.


You're here because you're ambitious and are ready to succeed on your own terms.


I'm here because I've got a map - your map. Together we'll chart a course from where you are to where you want to be.

1 VIP Day.
Amazing Possibilities.

What we will cover:


Your VIP Day is a unique experience tailored to your individual goals,

but some of the areas we could focus on include:


Together, we will define your business plan & model. This involves honing your product portfolio and service offerings, clarifying your ideal client, as well as fleshing out your strategic 'profit plan.’



Every profitable business has a solid market development plan. Your business marketing plan will guide your promotional and digital marketing efforts, which includes email list building & engagement and marketing automation.


We will map out your total client experience by defining your business systems & processes. This includes mapping out your client on- and off-boarding processes for your services, as well as your sales cycle.


We will create a brand that stands for everything you are. This includes your business name, legal set-up, brand identity, mission and vision statements, business email, niche identification, and web & copy plan.

We’ll outline an extensive marketing communications plan that will guide you through the type of content to produce for your business, how to generate business leads on LinkedIn, and how to engage your audience.


You’ll have 1-to-1 coaching on generating sales leads, building sales funnels, converting conversations into paying clients, product creation, passive income.


1 live VIP day in Chicago, IL (You travel to me - I secure the venue).

It's 'BYOL,' so bring your own laptop or computer.

You + I for an entire 8-hour day (I'll bring food).




You get weekly email access

(2 emails per week) get feedback on your work, ask questions, and be held accountable to deadlines for up to 1 month after our VIP day.




Shared project notes, resources and more.

You'll have access to a shared google drive folder with notes from our sessions, homework assignments, a spreadsheet to track your progress, and resources (apps, tools, books, and more).

You've been struggling and stalling.


Now it's time to act.


The career and life you've always wanted are calling you


Are you ready to answer the call?

Your Investment: $1,497.00

*50% deposit required to secure spot

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