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What if  finding meaning  and making money weren't separate ideas?


You’re ready to stop letting time pass you by while your friends and colleagues go after their dreams.


You're tired of feeling like you need a vacation every week (and it's only Tuesday). 


You're one of the best in your industry, but you're tired of not having the audience or income to show for it.


You're ready to step into your future. You just need a little help.

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The fact that you’re here tells me you’re probably in a similar position I was a few years ago: 


Feeling burned outstruggling to find happiness and purpose in your business...or confused about how to get there.


I’'m Lakrisha!

Biz Mentor, LinkedIn Marketing Expert, and Content Marketer. 

I help ambitious coaches & experts launch profitable and authentic brands on LinkedIn!


After I was let go from my high-paying corporate job in 2017, I leveraged LinkedIn to build personal brand full-time.


Using LinkedIn, I have not had to work a job in 5 years,


Touched multiple 6-figure years,

Gained thousands of leads and clients,


Been seen by 20M+ people a year,


Landed over 50 paid speaking engagements and partnerships with brands like Capital One, AT&T and Facebook,


And gotten featured on ABC 7 News, CNBC, Forbes, Newsweek, and more - all on LinkedIn!


Now, I teach other coaches and experts how I did it.

As seen in...


What would it feel like...

to know that the things you've been searching for- the income, the impact, the fulfillment (and yes, the red bottomed shoes), were completely within your grasp?

How would it feel to be completely confident in your business? 

What would your life look like if you could double, triple, or even quadruple your income on LinkedIn- without having to invest in costly ads or spam people's inboxes?

Stick with me, girl. I'm going to show you how to get it all- and feel fabulous while doing it.

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Get more leads, visibility, and income on LinkedIn!

(without struggling for months on end or spending another dime on courses.)  

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